What is a Call Center?

A call center is the central hub of communication between a business and its customers with the main goal of improving the overall experience of these interactions.

Both call centers and contact centers route calls to agents and uses software to record data for future analysis. However, contact centers go beyond the traditional call center capabilities in order to evolve with modern communication and increasing quality demands. Contact centers have evolved to improve customer experience by allowing multiple channels of communication including SMS, video, and more. Additional reporting and real-time monitoring capabilities are also present in contact center software. Contact center analytics allow supervisors to improve performance and productivity more dynamically than ever.

Call Queue Options

  • Music on hold or predefined message capabilities
  • Timers for expected wait and options thereafter
    • Allow leaving a voicemail
    • Send to another person / queue
    • Request a callback
    • SMS routing is handled the same as a phone call
Call center


Call center

It’s all about the analytics

Call center
  • Fully integrated within our hosted VoIP solution
  • Create beautiful dashboards and keep an eye on how your call center is running
Call center

  • Display the dashboards on your office monitors by accessing them via a private URL
  • Gain insights into your organization real time
  • The system can be set up to proactively alert you if metrics go beyond acceptable thresholds